Green Bamboo Package (Secret Time Sale!!!)

$80.00 per set

Secret Time Sale (9pm – 10pm or till out of stock!)

5KG Green Bamboo Deal with FREE DELIVERY (This THURS & FRI ONLY)

(Please read Delivery Information below before ordering.)

Green Bamboo one of the type of sweet durian. This breed is popular for its buttery and fibrous flesh. When you pry it open, you’ll find a pale yellow, slightly greenish flesh and a trademark orange stem in the middle of the core.

1 Package includes:

*5kg of Green Bamboo

*Weight of durians is with husk. Durians will be dehusk and packed in boxes for delivery.


Out of stock

  • Please kindly understand that we may not be able to deliver at the timeslot that you chosen. We will dispatch the fresh durian at the earliest time we can.
  • The last order cut-off time is 7:00pm if you want your durians delivered within the same day.
  • Order made after 7:00pm will be deliver on the next day.

You may choose to have your durians delivered:

  • $12 – Within the day, please specify the time under the notes section.
  • $10 – Next day or future date, please specify the date and time under the notes section.
  • There are only 3 delivery timeslots:
    •  1pm – 4pm
    •  4pm – 7pm
    •  7pm – 10pm
  • Green Bamboo durians with no husks! (Seeds are not removed).
  • Our durians are packed into a food-grade plastic box and vacuum sealed to maintain the its freshness.