Black Pearl

$16.00 per kg

(Please read Delivery Information below before ordering.)

Black Pearl durians are small and petite in size with a stubby and short stem. The flesh has a creamy texture and have very small seeds. The taste is mainly a little bitter but smooth. Very suitable for those who prefer a less surfeiting taste!

Minimum Order
Please note that the minimum order weight is 2kg per type of durian.

Out of stock

  • The last order cut off time is 7:00pm if you want your durians delivered within the same day.
  • The earliest delivery time is 12:00pm and the last delivery time is 10:00pm.

You may choose to have your durians delivered:

  • $15 – Within two hours after our opening hours at 10:30am.
  • $12 – Within the day, please specify the time under the notes section.
  • $10 – Next day or future date, please specify the date and time under the notes section.
  • Black Pearl durians with no husks! (Seeds are not removed).
  • Our durians are packed into a food-grade plastic box and vacuum sealed to maintain the its freshness.